Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Saying Goodbye

I have suffered a great loss. Someone who is important to me has left my life. My heart breaks at the thought that I will never see this person again. Precious memories are all that I have left. Already, the details of our special moments together are fading. 

It is difficult to know that I can no longer reach out to the person that I have shared many private aspects of my life. It is a struggle to find the strength to move on. I think about this person all the time. 

Without this person, I feel alone. I wish I could turn back time and be with this person again. I sometimes want to live in the past and regain what we had together. I don't know if I can leave the past behind and move on. I know that it is impossible to revisit what is now gone. I feel as if I have experienced the loss of someone I loved to death.

Bipolar disorder has touched many events in my life. During certain times I have felt intense joy. Other times I have felt deep sadness. The loss of that person that brought cherished memories has caused me great pain. One day when I reminisce about my experiences I will no longer feel the pain of losing those memories that I hold close to my heart. I hope I will never forget my past; for I would not be the same person I am today without them.
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