Tuesday, April 21, 2015

You Think I'm Crazy? Tell Me Something I Don't Know.

It has finally happened. Someone called my family crazy. Although my son was the main target, our family was included in the statement.

My son and I both have bipolar disorder; it is a heritable mental illness. It is one condition where crazy is a suitable description. Maniac. Psychotic. Bat shit crazy. These are other excellent examples.

Many people have a mental illness. Does that make people with a condition crazy, too? Possibly.

Every member of our family call each other crazy all the time. My husband calls me crazy as a term of endearment. Is our whole family crazy? I would not be surprised. We embrace it. 

Let's be real. Everyone in the world has a touch of crazy inside of them. Some are crazier than others.

We admit that we are crazy. Does that mean that we are weak? I don't think so. Abnormal? That may surely be the case. I believe that the exposing that we are an anomaly makes us brave. 

So, you think I'm crazy? I willingly admit that you are correct. Tell me something I don't know. I'm not insulted, I am flattered. Thank you for the compliment. 

By the way, it takes crazy to know crazy...

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