Saturday, April 25, 2015

Disclosure. When is the Right Time and Place?

Last month my mind raced with endless possibilities. I announced lofty goals that others may have seen as impressive. I believed that I could accomplish anything. I fought aggressively toward my goal to make a difference. Lately those aspirations have waned.

My passion has not changed. I am frustrated because there are many roadblocks that I did not take into consideration. I feel as if I am fighting a large problem with little support. I am grasping for anything that will help. Many times I feel helpless, but yet at the same time I still have hope. 

I aspire to make a difference in the world of mental health and suicide prevention. Many times I have thought that I do not have the right credentials to speak about these subjects. I am not properly educated; I am not trained.

I have a mental illness. That does not qualify me to speak about mental health issues. Talking about my experiences comes easily but I cannot speak for others. Everyone has their own unique story.

What information can I offer on the subject of suicide prevention? I did not recognize any signs when my son decided to end his life. Would that make me a hypocrite? 

I look for opportunities in my community to hear what others have to say about mental health and suicide. When I go to the lectures, should I keep my illness and my son's suicide to myself or do I disclose everything? I believe that what I can share could be valuable because I have personal insight that cannot be learned from books or lectures. 

Is there a right or wrong answer? Will my decision be well thought out or impulsive? I don't know. I just I hope that I make the correct decision when the time presents itself. I will just have to wait and see..
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