Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Extreme Behavior

In a previous blog post, I wrote that I felt as if my experiences with bipolar disorder did not live up to the over the top descriptions that are portrayed in most autobiographies. I sometimes wonder if our "little stories" pale in comparison and that our readers would enjoy more engaging stories than we have been providing. Well, if you expect us to include a lot of drama, you will be severely disappointed. Our lives are not extraordinary. We do not have a bunch of those type of stories to share with you.

I do not go to the local grocery store dressed like a tramp shopping for a one night stand. I do not spend most nights alone crying in the back of my walk in closet taking swigs out of a bottle of vodka (or whatever kind of alcoholic beverage that would considered to be appropriate for this type of occasion). I do not sit sobbing by myself on my cold bathroom floor with my pill bottles in my hands contemplating if I should stop taking my medication or empty the entire contents of each container into my mouth. I do not go to the casino betting the deed to my house on a hand of poker. And, I definitely do not drive around town at three in the morning looking to score an awesome deal on cocaine. I am not that type of person with bipolar disorder. If that is the kind of material you are hoping for, sorry, our blog will not live up to your expectations.

The purpose of our blogs is to be an encouraging source of information that will uplift others who are dealing with mental illness. Our intent is to inform others about bipolar disorder. Some of our blog posts cover very sensitive material. We share intimate details to emphasize the seriousness of the disorder. Our real life experiences are meant to be used to illustrate the hardships that bipolar disorder can cause in day to day activities and relationships. We have many stories to share. But, if you are expecting juicy gossip, you will not find it here.

My husband and I are not a perfect couple. We have struggles just like everyone else in a relationship. We are willing to share parts of our lives in order to make a difference in the lives of others. We are hoping that, through our words, we can help others understand bipolar disorder.

If you want to read a book about the extreme behaviors of people with bipolar disorder, you can go to the library. If you want to read examples of crazy living, you can go to the bookstore. If you want to read about what happens to people who refuse treatment or choose to go on and off their medications, you can go on the internet and do a Google search. If you want to read about a couple trying their best to deal with bipolar disorder with the use of knowledge, understanding, and have found the right place.

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