Friday, July 24, 2015

A Picture Of Too Few Words

A family portrait. I had planned that someday in the future our family would have that special photo. It would be one of those cheesy ones where everyone would wear coordinated outfits; all smiles and perfectly posed.

I wanted a family picture that I would be proud to showcase on a prominent wall in our home. It would be a picture that would be a remembrance that we would cherish forever or something we would laugh about in the future. We would comment on our hairstyles and our choice of clothes. We would talk about how young we looked; how old we are now.

For our family, that picture will never exist. Not by a professional photographer. Not even a candid shot taken by a friend. I wish that we had taken a picture; even if it was imperfect.

I lost my son to suicide. If we take a picture now it would be incomplete. A part of our family would be missing. Jon. 

I urge you to take many family photos. Even if they are far from perfect. In the future you may regret not having a memento from the past.

A picture can be worth a thousand words. A missing picture can be worth much more.
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