Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Without My Brother

It’s almost been a whole year since my brother, Jonathan, has died. It won’t be the same without him here with us but, of course it wouldn’t be. Why would it be the same after losing a family member, who of course, was ecstatic over the upcoming holidays?

This’ll be the family’s first Christmas without him... It won’t be pleasant, I can already feel it. I can remember that whenever Christmas came around, Jon would always be the one to help our father pick out the tree and decorate it. But with what has happened, that of course, won’t happen this year.. Or for any of the times to come.

Hey, I’m not saying that my other siblings and I are lazy and don’t like decorating.. It’s just that the whole, decorating with their stupid smile on their face, was kind of Jon’s job. It always was.

Even though my brother and I never did get along, I still can’t help but miss him. The disliking I had for him and the fights we shared; I guess that was just another way to show that we loved each other. I’m not going to get all mushy with this because of course, even though he’s gone, doesn’t mean I’m going to go onto a full rant about it. He was my brother, not the messiah. :P

Still love him though, of course.

Anyways, going on with the subject, I think what will really be different for me too was the comments he’d make at present opening time. We all shared our mutual ideas on our presents, especially Jon and I. For the strangest reason, every year for a long time, he and I would always get each other for secret Santa presents…

What I’ve been trying to get at it is- Christmas won’t be the same. It won’t ever really be the same without him. I can’t help but be sad when I think about the loss of my brother but, I’m sure he’ll be watching over us on Christmas.. Probably hoping I get bad presents or something. That’s something only a brother would do, so of course, he’ll most likely be doing that very thing, knowing him.

I can only wish that the family isn’t distant when Christmas time comes around. I’ll hope that our holiday will be as great as ever, though we’re missing our brightest light.

I wish everyone who is having hard times, and even if you’re not have hard times, that I’ll be wishing you a Merry Christmas.

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