Friday, July 31, 2015

Times to Come

Welp.. Uhm, I guess it's been a little while since my last blog.. I must admit; I sincerely apologize for taking so long- I mean, I just didn't write anything. I've just happened to be a little busy with things here and there.. More like trying to enjoy my summer and play around, y'know?

Hmm.. Well, after so long, a long time of not blogging, here is my new one. Even if it may be short..

Enjoy, I guess. :>


I am Alicia Welton- Now Fourteen years old after having my birthday pass by. Still going to therapist appointments.. Not sure what for anymore to be honest.. I'm going to be going into high school after this summer ends.. As usual, I'm not the most enthusiastic about it. :/

I mean, I'm going into a high school with four different grades.. New people, new experiences, and more drama.. Which isn't a shock.

Currently what's going on with my therapist is okay though.. I suppose it's helping me out with some problems I have. We talk about me, and things around me.. Which really does help, if I'm being completely honest. She gives me advice about stuff- She doesn't take sides but she still sees from my point of view, so that's always nice.

My latest appointment, maybe just a little while ago, we started talking about school.. Not something I'm looking forward to, but hey.. Gotta deal with it! Just four more years to go- and I'll be done with high school. :))

But then I'll be off into the real world.. Not.. as exciting. Worried for it- 'Cause hey, gotta get a stable job with good pay, a working schedule, place of dwelling, etc. Well, atleast I won't be alone when I go off into the world.. I have came to realization that I've probably never talked about this; But I have a girlfriend. Yes, I'm a girl. Am I a lesbian? Nah. After saying this, people will probably stop listening to me or not take me seriously.. But hey, it's me. I'm not a lesbian, but I'm not exactly straight, you get me? I'm a bisexual. Bi and Fly.. Though it may change, I'm not sure.. Whatever happens, happens I guess.

So yeah- When I go off into the world of damnation, panic, and adult times.. I'll have someone with me. My partner-- but more importantly, my friend. :3

So with my therapist appointments, I am slowly getting ready for what may come.. Reminiscing over things that've gone. Many things that over all just help me stay happy and be me, y'know?

I now keep a planner with me and mark how I'm doing, so I know what to bring up at my next appointments to come.. My therapist really is a nice lady.. So I'm happy that I can get the help I get from her.. I sure am lucky. :>

But yeah, here's just a little bit of how I've been doing lately-- What I've been doing since I've been gone.

So, I hope you enjoyed a little slice of my life.. But I think a [insert your favorite kind of pie] slice of pie would've been better than this, heh.

Ali, out. 

Bye-Bye, Butterfly.

[[btw i prefer pizza pie :3]]

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