Monday, December 29, 2014

Mommy Old to Mommy New

Alright, so, I am back again. It is the one and only Alicia. Hi.

Anyways, I wanted to write a blog about how my mom used to act when she wasn't on her pills and how she acts while she’s on her pills; which is nowadays. The words I’ll be writing won’t be me exaggerating. They will be coming from my heart. Okay, it’s not going to be anything too sappy so you can all calm down.

My mom, before she had her pills, wasn't exactly the nicest mother. I’m not trying to make her sound abusive, but I would be scared of her. Whenever she would get angry she would yell and scream a lot. I tried my best to be good so she would not have a reason to get mad at me.

The reason why? In the mornings, my mom was scary. It was best for us to be as quiet as mice as she slept because if we woke her up she would get very angry at us. All of my brothers and I would try being quiet so she wouldn't hear us. When I was in elementary school she’d get very angry whenever my siblings and I would miss the bus and she would have to drive us to school. 

I would always try to have a good attendance, even when I was sick. Well, not being too sick since that’d be bad. I tried going to school when I didn't feel well with only small headaches and a little sniffle. If it was above that, I’d consult what I would be doing to my mom.

It was weird because at times she would cuddle my little brother and I, singing us these delightful little songs she made for us by herself and then the next day she could switch into a different mood which would make me want to steer clear.

The way mom acts now? Well, she’s still a meany, hah, no I’m kidding. Well, unless she gets mad at normal things that all other parents get mad at, like being disrespectful and all of those things.

But other than that, she’s gotten a lot nicer like other parents should be. 

For an example, she’ll joke around, laugh, and get some treats for my brothers and I if we're being good or if we're just being lucky that day. She’s sweeter now, and I like that, it makes me feel better. Especially when I tell her about events that took place at school. After I tell her, she gives me ideas about what we should do about it or gives me this look which makes me laugh and giggle. It’s really entertaining for me to see.

I love reactions.

Anyways, this blog was to write about how my mom used to be and how she is now. From what you've read, she was a scary lady but not all the time. That'd bad. She has transitioned to being nicer and more outgoing.

So, I guess that's all for today, see ya!
And sorry, I don't have any rhyming goodbyes today..

Wait, I have one right here-
Out the door, Dinosaur.

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