Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Results Are In.. Am I Bipolar?

So, I got my results back. I guess I can say i'm not too satisfied with the results. So, let's get this straight..

The results for my IQ test say my overall cognitive ability is in the 95 percentile of people who are the same age as me. So I fall into the superior range for my IQ. When I heard that, I grinned, because come on, what kid doesn't like being praised for being ms or mr smarty pants. My mom was joking around a few minutes, before learning that bit of information, about how I was just a genius. //evil genius mwahahaha// I guess she was right? Hah, good job mom.

The results from 
my other tests say that I have 4 of the 6 different types of ADD. The one that really caught my eye was the type 6, Ring of Fire.

Let's just say as soon as I heard the words 'Ring of Fire' I thought of either a hula hoop on fire or the towers from Lord of the Rings.. And the scene from Finding Nemo about Nemo being called Sharkbait during his initiation ceremony.. Yeah, 'active imagination' at it's finest, people.

The doctor said I didn't meet the criteria to where I qualify for being bipolar. I was kinda upset because this whole time I could've just been hyperactive with my possible ADD. It made me feel as if I had been lying to myself about my mental condition. I was told that I might eventually have bipolar disorder, but it is too early in my life to show enough signs of the illness to get an official diagnosis for it. I need more experiences in my life to see if I exhibit more symptoms. But I still had the idea of me having ADHD, so I wasn't totally satisfied or disappointed.

I was told by my mom that I could continue writing on the blog if I type about my views on having a bipolar mother and how my life has been like after living with her from birth to now. But, that really isn't my thing, so I may do it, I may not. I'll decide when I feel like i'm ready to. 

So yeah, that's my status for now.

Bye Bye Butterfly

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