Saturday, November 22, 2014

School Rules That I Do Not Have To Follow

Well, my teachers and the staff at school now know that I have ADHD.

So let me explain. A few days ago during my 6th period class, the last period of the day, I got a note to go to the counseling office and I thought, ‘Oh, my mom is here’, so I waited for the bell to ring before I rushed down the hallways to the counseling office and I greeted my mom. 

We waited a bit. When my mom went to a trash can in the hall to throw something away, she crossed paths with a guy I have a small crush on. I was so embarrassed. I pointed him out to my mom. 

He noticed I was in the counseling office and turned back to look at me.


But, that’s not the topic of what I will be blogging about right now. It is about the decisions that were made between the school counselor, my teachers, and my mom about my diagnosis with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). My mom made the appointment to discuss accommodations in the classroom because of my diagnosis.
During the meeting I stayed quiet most of the time. Sometimes I would nod at some of the recommendations and answer questions that I was asked.

We started the meeting a few minutes late because we were waiting for my teachers to arrive. Not all of my teachers attended the conference. I was relieved that a teacher that I dislike did not show up. 

For months, I have been talking about how I didn't want to be in his class. I still don't. My mom asked if we could change my schedule. The counselor told her that we needed a separate appointment to discuss that.

A little while after we started talking, the teacher that I dislike came in. We do not get along in the classroom. I always get in trouble by him. I tensed up and reached for my mom’s hand under that table and squeezed it because I no longer felt comfortable. I turned my back to him and moved closer to my mother.

As a group, it was decided that I was allowed to doodle in class. It helps me pay attention to what’s happening in the classroom because as I've maybe said before, I work better when I doodle and listen to the instruction instead of watching the teacher and listening because it makes me want to doze off. I get distracted and cannot pay attention to what the teacher is trying to teach me, unfortunately.

I was happy that I am allowed to doodle. When I used to draw in the teacher that I dislike's class, he would tell me to put it away or confiscate my work. Now I do not have to worry about it. My educational plan says that I am now allowed to draw without getting in trouble and all my teachers have to follow the plan.

For example, the other day, I was taking slight notes while doodling and I had a revelation about a reference to a movie I watched and pointed it out. Just because I am not staring at the teacher, it does not mean that I am not listening.

Another thing that we talked about is that I will receive more warnings when my behavior is disruptive in class. I am happy about that. It means that I will not be sent out of the classroom as often.

Anyways, that is all I have to share for now.

See you later alligator..
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