Wednesday, October 29, 2014

School And Shenanigans

Okay, so if you were looking for bipolar ramblings, I don't know if this is the place, cause I'm just random rambling again about my feelings. Sooooo, if you have a problem, you can reach me at- Oh wait, you shouldn't have a problem. What problem? No problem.
So sorry if you're disappointed, but maybe I'll have something better for you guys instead next time.

So uhm, I really don't know why I'm here again.. I just kind of offered to do a blog without having really much info to work on.. So I thought, why not talk about school and do more random rambling? Like, I have this small story that I think would be good. Maybe after reading it, you can give me some input on it? I thought about it at.. maybe 4 am? By the way, It's just going to be a summary since I'm not posting the whole thing on here, unless I am asked to? I may make my own blog since blogging seems pretty alright.

And for the idea? Yeah, it was a Saturday and you know how them Saturdays get. Pretty crazy ideas come through peoples minds.

But back to the school part, during my social studies class nearing the end, I was pulled out with a note to go down to the counseling office. I looked to my friend and the other kids in my class jokingly saying, 'Hey, I don't know why I'm going down there... I promised I didn't hit any kids this week.' I smiled as I waved to them and went through the journey of traveling down a flight or two of stairs. I made my way down to the office, showing the lady my note and signing myself into the counseling office, waiting for the counselor to invite me into her office.

She did and she saw my look and she chuckled, "You're not in trouble.. The vice principle just wanted me to check up on you and what your group is doing.. I heard you and (not saying her name) had a fallout last Wednesday before conferences?'

I nodded because that is what happened.

"I just wanted to know if your group is back together."

"Eh, kind of I guess?" 

The summary of this little event is me explaining to my counselor of (her name again)'s doings. She had been glaring at me and supposedly gossiping about me to her teammates in our English and social studies.

One second, I'd be happy and the next I'd be angry around (name). I guess she just triggers my events through the day. Not to mention the day before I was happy and then I cried because being around (name). One second I want to punch her and rip her hair out and then the next I just want to apologize.

But we all know it's not because I'm a nice person. I still need her.. Some business I need to attend to.

I have mood swings from when I'm laid back and cool like, 'Yo bro what's up, what's going on with you?' to 'Oh my god are you freaking serious? She was glaring at me, I'm gonna HIT her' while I'm using a stereotypical girl voice. Like, snobby and pissy.

Basically I guess you can say she triggers me in way that I do not like. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that (name) says she is bipolar too? From what she says, she is. But I asked her if she has to take medication, since she says she was diagnosed with it, and guess what her answer was? No. Fact, from what I've been told, if you're diagnosed with bipolar disorder you have to take medication for it to make sure that you don't freak out on people.. I guess?

So for now, I'm going to guess that she lied.. That's a thing that she does.

Okay, for now I am going to be done with that nonsense.. I had to vent out some anger since I tend to bottle it up. 

I'm kinda happy that I'm doing a blog right now since as I've said many times, that blogging is fun for some reason. I don't know why, but I think it's because I can say stuff and people could actually read it and maybe feel the same about it.  So I'm actually thinking about making my own blog. 

There are many adventures I have had from school to.. no, just school. That's where the juicy stuff happens. Pretty Chaotic, I think we all could say.

Oh oh, do you want to hear my story now?

So the small summary of it is that,

This man falls into a coma and when he 'wakes up', he finds himself to be in another universe. And well... A bar. He saw a female and asked her what was going on. She said he was in another universe.
She told him he was in a coma.
He vowed he'd find away to get home. And the girl said she'd help.
They went on adventures, forgetting about their objective.
As they ran to each other to plan another adventure and give one another a high five, the man just.. 'boom'. He was gone.
He woke up in a hospital bed.
He was finally back to his own world.
But his friend was now gone, and would probably not meet her again.
A few minutes pass and he looks to the right of his bed. He sees a girl sitting in the window sill, but it seems she's transparent. She looked over at him and grinned.
"Thought you could get away that easily?"
And then-

Okay. No more story. Too much spoil. The story will probably go on my maybe future probably not blog. Maybe if I think about it.

But until then, or until 11/4 when I get my diagnosis, I will not be blogging again unless- No. I will not be blogging again until then.

Can't stay, Blue Jay.
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