Monday, October 13, 2014

Random Rambling You Will TOTALLY Regret Reading

As I tried to explain to my mother that it is hard writing blogs, she told me to just ramble on. Now we shall see the beautiful creation of my mind that is filled with justice and splendidness. MMMMM SPLENDA!

Lately, I have been getting tested for bipolar disorder and it is hard for my tiny mortal brain to adjust to testing time since I just can't seem to focus on their petty little questions. Why hast thou put thine self through blood curdling torture. Simple; because thine people need to know how my complicated wonderful creation of a mind works differently than their pathetic excuse for a brain module.

I would just like to say, 'FUCK YOU GOOGLE, I AM THE REBELLION THAT WORKS AGAINST THE WORK OF YOUR BRAINWASHED LOSERS. SEE YA LATER ALLIGATOR.' Oh wait, that wasn't me. Wait, yes it was. I don't know what's going on. Oh God. God has beard right? Oh my dad, is that a squirrel? I think it's in one of those aeroplane thingy ma jiggers- OH WAIT IS THAT SANDY CHEEKS. SANDY I LOVE YOU. NO SANDY COME BACK- I THOUGHT WE HAD SOMETHING SPECIAL.

The doctor asked me questions and I had to have a debate in my head, on what I should answer my questions with? Which voice should I listen to? The badass one that makes me sound like a rebel, or the shy one that wants to live in a cottage in the forest while singing to animals..? Hmm, maybe.

As I think of pointless things, I think of a lovely couple. He held her head in his hands gently as the female gave him a nervous smile. He returned the smile, but with more of a malicious intent. Confusing the female, he brought is head back, which confused his partner even more, and then swung it forward slamming his forehead to hers. The sound of a skull being thumped was heard throughout the room as the female limply hung. The man dropped his hands without a care as he let her body drop. He didn't care for her. He didn't care for anyone.

As the adults in my family laughed so hard as they read the paragraph above. I laughed along with them, like a maniac. I couldn't help it. My humor was beautiful to myself.

As my brother talked about himself writing poetry and then burning it, it reminded me of the story that never existed. Of the Male who'd use women to his own advantage, but when he was done with them, he'd just throw them away like rag dolls. After each month of the collected whores, he'd cover the bodies- still alive and crying for their family- in gasoline and then before he threw the igniting stick, he whispered, 'Asta la vista, Baby,' And they burned.

Sometimes, I just feel dull and blank minded, but then other times, my mind is bursting with different scenes. I got them as I chatted with my family, during the creation of this post. It all just came to me in a flash, and I'd write it as a joke. But I guess it's here to stay. Unlike those burning corpses. But eh, we can't do anything for the fictional figures now. They're done and away with. Nothing will change. Nothing ever changes. Or does it..? Nah, it does. But, that is for another time. Which is probably a lie I will use to procrastinate.

Another story is about a little boy, who lived in a little house, with a little family, and had a little mouse. He had bad burns on his legs from the bad fire that happened less the 2 weeks ago. No one figured out the cause of the fire. They would NEVER find out, Why you ask? Oh, because the little boy, took a little match, and a little gas can whom he borrowed from his unfaithful father. The gas can was at least 2/3 empty, since he has been using it for his past activities with some.. company of his fathers female 'friends'. Anyways, back to the story, they'll never find out that the little boy was the one who set fire to the home of the bearded man's enemy. No one would ever find out. One person found out. Little bully Jeremy. But, the little boy took care of him. He would not harm any of the kids any longer.. Not in his.. Condition. The words played in his head, 'No more. Not any more.'

ANYWAYS, back to the topic of my boring testing. Well, basically, it was fun a little with the first few tests. I had to finish puzzles and stuff. Other stuff is boring and I probably forgot so don't ask I guess? I am typing without thinking of the consequences.. Eh, better for the world to hear me than not say anything at all and regret. Regretting is really bad. Not good for the soul. 

I should know since I devour them.. Shhhhh. You didn't read that, this is all an illusion, my child. Now go take a nap and think of cuddly bunnies and rainbow swirls. But don't throw up at the designs or the eternal designer will get angry. He's a sweet guy and everything..! Considering he's made of skittles and cotton candy. Peppermint for eyeball things. Yup. Yuppers, Yuppity. Yoop. Yup. Sure, let's go with that. Ugh I'm tired. Blub blub glub a flub.

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