Thursday, October 23, 2014

Crazy In A White Collar

I was thinking to myself the other day in regards to stigma towards people with mental disorders. I realized that typically, even as someone who suffers with bipolar disorder I picture a dirty homeless man draped in rags when I think of a crazy person. This is completely off base since people of all kinds suffer from a variety of illnesses. Disease does not discriminate. But why would I envision someone of low social status as being crazy? Are crazy people incapable of success or is he crazy because of lack of efficiency in this life? 

It's occurred to me that when we see someone in a collared shirt we assume they're put together, well adjusted, and successful. This is completely wrong and that white collar is a mask to the true identity of a possible insane person. In fact there seems to be a disproportionate number of psychopaths among those whom society considers most accomplished and powerful. Such careers as surgeons, CEO's, and lawyers that hold so much rapport to those "less fortunate" than them actually hold a ton of crazy people. You could almost credit their crazy for the success they enjoy. Mania is quite the motivator to accomplish things. In fact when I thought about medical school, in my psyche I was already the best surgeon on the western seaboard.  Nothing is more proficient than someone with an inhuman drive and confidence to scrape something out of this existence. 

Anyway, back to those crazy white-collared folks. That collar is a badge of honor isn't it? Why be scared of them? The one talking to them self and twitching in the mental ward is surely more fearful. WRONG. The white collar; power, influence...and psychopathy. Psychopaths lack the ability to feel some of those base emotions that most of us "normals" feel. This makes them un-empathetic and possibly cruel. Just watch American Psycho if you don't know what i'm talking about. More of a danger to others than themselves like most of us self-destructive people. Think of the harm that someone
who doesn't understand emotional pain can do. Really what i'm trying to say is insanity doesn't have a discernible look or label to it. Their wardrobe or taste in literature doesn't make them "crazy". And never forget that a collar is no indicator of sanity. 
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