Friday, September 12, 2014


My name is Alicia. I am 13 years old. And I am a creation of pure justice and fabulousness.
My parents and brother contribute to this blog. They think that I have the early signs of bipolar disorder and they joke around about me having schizophrenia. Which is probably true.

My dad is trying to make an appointment for me to see a psychiatrist and find out if these are true or not. Also to figure out if there is something wrong with me, which is a chance of 101% .

No, just kidding. I am just weird.


So, this morning I woke up, it was like, 9:30 am, and I didn't want wake up so I went fell asleep once again, for about an hour. You know, since it’s the weekend and I've been getting sleep deprived since school has started. I don’t like school. I am good at math though. Yay. I only go to see my friends. That’s such a bore. I decided to get out of bed groggily, and realized I was still wearing my blue and black dress.

Walking out from my room to go bother my mom, I look at the counter and noticed the trash from dinner. Submarine sandwiches. I love subway sandwiches. And fruit bowls. I got upset a bit since my older brother; Tim had made me go to sleep since I kept falling asleep on the couch. So it seemed that I missed dinner. With the type of food I liked. Well then, that’s just plain mean. They didn't save any for me.

(It turned out my family had tried to wake me up, but I didn't know that. I was dead asleep, not remembering if they did or not.)

I opened my mom’s door to see her on the computer and I lay down and I was still tired, so my voice was slurring a little. ‘So, what did we have for dinner?’ ‘You missed out on fruit bowls’

I can hardly remember, but I went ballistic, not in anger, but in sadness. I started screaming like I was ‘possessed’ <(What my mom said)

‘BUT I LIKE FRUIT BOWLS’ I started tearing up to where everything was blurry. I could hardly remember the part where my mom was trying to calm me down, but I kept on rambling and crying like it was the end of the world.

I went to the bathroom, but my mom was still asking, ‘Are you serious?’ She was genuinely confused. I screamed in reply, you could hear my world being torn apart, ‘I LOVE FRUIT BOWLS’

When I returned, she asked the question again, but add in, ’are you schizophrenic?’
Still tearing up I ask, ‘W-what else was there?’ ‘Uhm, submarine sandwiches’

I had started screaming again, ‘BUT I LOVE THOSE TOO. THIS IS ALL TIM’S FAULT, HE DID THIS ON PURPOSE! HE’S A D*CK!’ I have a cussing problem, btw.
‘We have chips still though. . .’

…  ’What type of chips?’ I had calmed down.
‘We have sour cream and onion-‘
‘And we also have wavy lays, Doritos, cool ranch and the normal..’

I sniffled, tears running down my face still, ‘I like Doritos. . .’

She chuckled, still shocked by my behaviour, ‘Do you want to go to the store? Do we have to buy you a fruit bowl?’

I nodded a little. She asked again, ‘Right now?’
‘. . .I don’t know.. Yes?’

‘And a submarine sandwich?’

‘.. sure.’


I got out of the car with my mom and my brother. We had arrived at the grocery store so my mom could cater to my needs of fruit bowls and a submarine sandwich. I had obviously calmed down, since I was smiling like nothing of that had happened. My need for those items had downed a little, but I still wanted them. Plus getting out of the house also was probably the reason why I was not screaming, and being in public.

If I did though, my mom would be cross with me. I usually embarrass my family when we go out to places because I can’t handle myself, and words slip out. Not good ones though. Usually cuss words and very concerning ones.

After getting a cart and picking up three types of fruit bowls and a submarine sandwich, I directed my mom and my brother to the candy aisle so I could buy some, I really like candy. My mom thinks I have a problem with it because when I bought candy less than a week ago, she said I didn’t need THAT much candy. She does not understand. This is my body and my obsession. At least that is what the voices say. I ALWAYS have a little bit of commentary coming from the back of my mind.

I crouched down, surveying the candy, talking to myself about the choices. ‘Ooh, I like that candy.. But I like that one too.. Maybe I should get both.’ Basically I was having a little quiet debate with myself and I looked up after getting my choices; Two packets of Airhead extremes Watermelon strips, a nerd candy rope, and a bag of Hershey hugs. I looked up after grabbing what I decided I NEEDED and noticed my mom was whispering something to my brother, probably about me. But sadly, I did not hear what they were saying.


We were going to the cash register, my mom put her items (MINE) on the checkout table thingy and I asked her, ‘Mom can I get apple juice?’

‘I’m not going all the way back ‘there’ to go get apple juice’

‘I mean a single thing of apple juice,’ I pointed to the refrigerated area with drinks near the cash register.’

‘Whatever go get it fast then’

I giggled and smiled, ‘ Okay’, I went over to look and in my head I was like, ‘fuck where is the apple juice’ and I was taking a while so instead I grabbed a monster drink and asked my mom, ‘can I have this instead?’

She gave me a look of disapproval, so I groaned, ‘I’ll put it back thennnn.’

‘Just give it to me.’ ‘Yay’.
My mom said, ‘The last thing you need is an energy drink.’

As my mom paid for her stuff, I got ready to pay for my candy and my chocolate, the cashier lady commented on my items, ‘Looks like someone has a sugar tooth today.’ I nodded and grinned. ‘Yup’.

(As I was writing this, when I got to the part with the candy aisle, I started to tremble, shake, and twitch. I didn’t know why. So I went to get my candy, shoved some in my feeding orifice, and according to my mom, I had stopped shaking. During the writing of this also, I kept having little spasms, typing super fast and having words come out of my mouth really fast in a blur.

So yea.

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